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July 26, 2017
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Fletch is a comedy movie from the mid-1980s that features Chevy Chase and several other well-known actors, like Geena Davis and Norman Wendt.  It is about a newspaper reporter, Fletch, that writes columns under a pseudonym.

The central plot of the film is about Fletch stumbling upon a drug dealing ring being run by several bad actors, including the central involvement of the local police force.  The story follows the action as Fletch starts to get pulled into this drug storyline.  He spends time to unravel how the various pieces in front of him make sense and are related.

Various storylines come forward as the plot develops, including a wealthy businessman, who asks Fletch to kill him because he is suffering from an illness and wants a mercy killing.  Fletch investigates the circumstances of his illness and runs into his wife and uncovers further information that is conflicting with what he has heard.

Elements also come forward around bigamy and Utah roots of a mysterious husband, who has seemingly been keeping some large secrets from many people.  Fletch makes his way through the storyline with a lot of visual gags, physical comedy, and smart aleck shenanigans.  There are police car chases, office break-ins by sunset, impersonations of many characters, and satisfying twists and turns that lead the viewer through an enjoyable ride.

The movie watched today in the late 2010s is quaint in terms of the automobiles, how Los Angeles look at the time, the technology involved, and seeing what has changed and what hasn’t since that time.  In that way, it’s a great romp through nostalgic times from a few decades for those old enough to have grown up or were already adults in that time.  Audiences that are in their 20s or younger may have their funny bone struck my Chase’s witty remarks and smart ass nature.  Or, they could also write off the decade and the movie as not too interesting or funny.

This reviewer found the film entertaining enough to watch, literally, dozens of times.  The reason being that it’s a mid-level crime type of drama that is interesting to see unfold.  It also has Chevy Chase’s funny antics and dialogue, along with situations that show vulnerability, skill, and even slapstick.

The plot reaches an exciting and dangerous peak at the end of the film.  What happens, who perseveres, and how the storyline ends I won’t give away.  But, it’s an ending that is memorable, amusing, and filled with more comedy and Chase’s cutting comments.  It’s a movie that is not to be missed and watched at least once.  And, if you are like this viewer, you will watch it more than once and possibly much more than that.  If you’d like to watch Fletch, a great online streaming movie resource you should check out is Netflix.

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